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Become a Rebellious Volunteer at REBBLS

REBBLS (Rising Entrepreneurs in BioBusiness and Life Sciences) is a non-profit organisation who supports and develops the entrepreneurship and ecosystem network in the Life science, Biotech, and DeepTech domain. Our mission is to Connect, Educate and Inspire the community by creating and facilitating rebellious events in a fun way.

How to apply?

Please fill out and submit this form!

As Part of Our Annual Recruitment 

REBBLS looks for volunteers like YOU who are passionate about entrepreneurship and life sciences. Volunteers who are enthusiastic about contributing to and growing the community through the activities and events we love to create. We would like you to be an active member, show initiative, take ownership of your projects and take the risk to execute them for the benefit of the community (keep in mind you always will be supported by other fantastic volunteers like you to achieve amazing goals). Although we don’t have fixed working hours, we would like you to commit a couple of hours a week over the course of a one year membership
… of course with some flexibility when needed!  

As an Active Volunteer at REBBLS

You can learn valuable skills such as :

  • event/project management (designing, planning, coordination and execution)

  • marketing and communications

  • social media management

  • partnership outreach 

  • fundraising

  • development of educational programs

  • and much more.

You also gain insights into the life sciences and biotech industries, enhance your networking abilities, and experience working within an interdisciplinary team. 

As an Active Volunteer at REBBLS

Great – We just need some information from you! Remember, we value diversity, so feel free to apply regardless of your background. We will reach out to you in early July if you've been selected!

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