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Beers with Peers (BwP)

Cheers! Beers with Peers is the signature event of REBBLS with interesting, thought provoking, informative meetups with... surprisingly, beers! We get some experts to come in and engage with the diverse audience that attends these events. Some notable examples are sustainable cities, psychedelics in science, and human 2.0.

Ventures & Wine

The latest concept from REBBLS on every second Thursday of the month! A low key place to meet fellow bioentrepreneurship-enthusiasts experts, and maybe your next business partner! We aim to have several experts present at each event to give you advice on IP, the startup journey, accounting, and several other topics. And of course, have some nice wine!

The REBBLS Primer, the Life Science Start-Up Academy

Have you always been curious about what it takes to start your own life science start-up? As REBBLS we know that there is plenty of amazing science that does not make it to the market. While many researchers know that their research has commercial potential, very few know how to bring life science innovation from lab to market. To fill this gap, we decided to organize the REBBLS Primer, our own Start-Up Academy. 


Get together and get crackin'! With just REBBLS, but also with partners as iGEM, Hello Science, Deloitte and CBioVikings, we have challenged participants to come up with new solutions and new startups.

REBBLS x ..., collaborations!

What is more fun than doing stuff yourself? Doing things with others! In our events we want to bring people together and a great way to do that is... together! Every now and then we team up with other great minds in Copenhagen and even far beyond to bring you excellent events! Keep an eye out for the next REBBLS x event! Or is you would like to organise an event with us, please reach out!

Past events


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