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You have your great idea and want to get working on it! However, renting a whole lab is too expensive and doing the experiments at a university might give all kind of IP issues. So where to go? CPH Labs!

Since March 2020 CPH Labs has been operational, a much-needed facility for validating biotech ideas in an efficient and affordable way. REBBLS will be part of providing networking events and workshops to connect users to peers, mentors, experts, researchers, and investors.


The creation of a community lab was on the wish list of several REBBLS members for a long time. Attempts were done in various ways and forms. The last iteration in which a collaboration was formed with start-up community Symbion to host the lab at their location proved successful! Next a partnership with the University of Copenhagen was added to the mix. A prestigious 6 million DKK (800,000 EUR) funding by The Danish Industry Foundation was raised by this consortium! This grant will enable CPH Labs to expand from housing eight to sixteen teams and to make an impact on the life science and biotech ecosystem in Denmark in the coming years!


"Working in CPH Labs has helped us develop a prototype into a product in the fastest way possible. It’s fun to work side-by-side with high-level people who are both the founders and the hands-on workers in the lab. It creates a dynamic open innovation environment.”
Christian Code, CTO, Dianox.



Not only does CPH Labs contain many great teams working hard on their start-ups, it is also governed by a great team. Symbion, Copenhagen University, and REBBLS work together to make this lab successful!


Symbion is one of the most experienced communities for startups in Denmark with more than 650 startups located at 7 different locations. REBBLS is Copenhagen’s leading network of young life science entrepreneurs and professionals. The University of Copenhagen is the highest-ranking university in Denmark. A formula for success!

"Thanks to the funding provided by Industriens Fond, we will collaborate in new ways to boost the life science entrepreneurial ecosystem and create a blueprint for developing shared labs spaces”
Josephine Schrøder, Head of CPH Labs.
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